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Om det rör sig om två olika ord med samma stavning så markeras detta med en skiljelinje, se t … Reifying a relationship consists in viewing it as an entity. The word “reification” comes from the Latin word res, which means “thing”. Reification has a well-known equivalent in natural language, nominalization, which basically consists in turning a verb into a noun. Reification is widely used in conceptual modeling; conceptual modelers must Reification has achieved our reputation as being the best in the custom architectural metal business for the following reasons.


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reification from the twin distortions I have outlined above: from its psychologistic reduction in mainstream sociology and its polemical trivialization at the hands of Marxist critics of ideology. Toward this end, the following section presents a reconstruction of Marx's theory of reification, with an emphasis on the social- See definition of reification on as in materialization. as in objectification.

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This can be a way of making something concrete and easier to understand, like how a wedding ring is the reification of a couple's love. Reification. Reification is particularly important in understanding the relevance of Moore's paradox to the continued primacy of IQ and IQ cut-offs, as it caused IQ to go from being a correlate of brain health and a predictor of relevant outcomes to being seen as if it was itself the best indicator of brain health and the most concrete and real outcome of all.


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Depersonalization, hypostatization, objectification. Full list of synonyms for Reification is here. REIFICATION Meaning: "act of materializing," from Latin re-, stem of res "thing" (see re) + -fication "a making or causing."… See definitions of reification. reification n. treating an abstraction, concept, or formulation as though it were a real object or material thing. For instance, the statement You can't fool nature  We shall use the Marxian concept of reification (Verdinglichung) for an exercise in the sociology of knowledge understood in these terms. We are not concerned  Reification definition, the act of treating something abstract, such as an idea, relation, system, quality, etc., as if it were a concrete object:Defining “home” as if it   From Lukacs' History and Class Consciousness, including his explanation of his concept of reification of social relations.

They construct an analytical  Confronting Reification.
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IProfessor at the  9 Jul 2019 The series titled 'Human-Reification' by Paul Gisbrecht analyzes the standardization of the human body as studied in Ernst Neufert's 'Architect's  'Alienation and reification' explores the concept of alienation and reification in Karl Marx's Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, and how this affected  Translations in context of "reification" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: Perniola argues that our society is living through an "Egyptian moment", marked  7 Jun 2017 In this sense, reification is a cognitive pathology that affects the collective intentionality of social groups and which secures certain forms of  We argue that research in this area is fundamentally driven by five critical assumptions that we conclude have led to its reification and that this reification has led  [Reification refers to regarding an abstraction the mind creates to represent reality as though it was the authentic reality].

Industrial facilities and commercial real estate projects are designed and built with 2D tools that don't fit our 3D world. ReVision by Reification is a real-time  14 May 2010 In this paper I criticise Axel Honneth's reactualization of reification as a concept in critical theory in his 2005 Tanner Lectures and argue that he  The Reification of Desire makes surprising and important connections between Marxism and queer theory, and Kevin Floyd's analyses are to be commended for   Health and empowerment in the 21 st Century: reification and vulnerability in the context of cybertechnologies.
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as in objectification. as in personalization.

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Secondary title. The deconstruction and reification of law in Franz Kafka ́s ”Before the law” and The trial. (i : Southern California Interdiscipliary Law Journal, Vol. 17:23, 2007.)  regarding something abstract as a material thing. Exempel på användning. sweden.